My Cat Ate Justin Bieber

  1. tobypm:

Jacob Bannon - Converge


    Jacob Bannon - Converge

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  2. i cant wait to be a piece of shit w/ a bachelors degree

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  3. kessho:

Queens of the Stone AgeSan Francisco, CA - 4.17.14Matt Leunig
Limited amount of A/P editions HERE.


    Queens of the Stone Age
    San Francisco, CA - 4.17.14
    Matt Leunig

    Limited amount of A/P editions HERE.

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  4. nylooms:



    it’s a metaphor

    The best part is that the crab is the symbol for the zodiac sign Cancer, so in a way even the crab itself is a metaphor

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post punk


    post punk

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  7. louderdecibelle:


    really though

    if breasts, butts and legs are so distracting to men, to the point they cant function

    why aren’t they that distracting to lesbians

    and at that point

    why isn’t the penis bulge and legs not distracting enough to gay men to warrant men being put under the same dress codes

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